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We at OpenExO are building a global transformation ecosystem based on the best-selling book Exponential Organizations (ExO) by Salim Ismail. Our ExO community includes over 2,300 innovators, technologists, and thought leaders in 101 countries who are helping companies, cities, and governments apply the ExO Model to deliver solutions to tough problems at one-tenth the cost and ten times the impact of traditional approaches.

We have created the EXOS token to facilitate transactions within our global marketplace. Organizations are already utilizing EXOS to access our growing network of coaches and futurists to build sustainable high-growth initiatives that transform the world.

The very first EXOS sold will cost $0.67. Then the price per EXOS will increase progressively with purchase along a pricing curve. This pricing formula is used to create a fair distribution process that both rewards earlier supporters and limits the price impact for later participants. The entire EXOS token release will be limited to 60 million EXOS tokens, with the final token priced at a maximum of $1.50. These EXOS can be redeemed for services in our ExO marketplace.

The EXOS token release dashboard is live

Get involved now to join the OpenExO movement. We will be rewarding our earliest participants with unique opportunities to learn about OpenExO and earn EXOS tokens. Everything you need is waiting inside.

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